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Berry Cute Invitations, Thank You's and More!

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Treat Bag Tags (Goodie Bag Toppers)

Our Treat Bag Tags are made as a 7x3 design, so when folded they will be 7 inches wide and 1.5 inch tall.  The perfect size to fit on a zip lock bag!  You will receive your personalized file via email and will be able to print as many as you need!

Here's How it Works!

All you need to do:

  • Pick out the design you like best!
  • Fill in your Child's Name and Age, if you want it, and any change you want to see made.
  • Receive and review your proof.  Let me know what you think.  You can make any changes you want.
  • Recieve your final file via email and print as many as you need!  (or have me print them for you)

Here's the info you should send:

  1. Child's Name (required)
  2. Child's Age (optional)
  3. Message (optional - if you want something different than what's already stated)
  4. Any Text/Colors/Design changes

Printing and Using

When you purchase a digital party favor, like my Treat Bag Tags, you receive a personalized file that you can use to print as many times as you want!  The final file will be an 8.5x11 sheet, for easy printing, and will hold 3 Treat Bag Tags.


After you approve the design you will receive the final file via email.  

Please make sure you use the attachment to print (not the image in the body of the email, it is just a thumbnail).


But how do I print?

You actually have two easy options:

1.) Print at Home - I recommend 67lb cardstock for these

2.) Print at your local Office Supply Store (like Staples or Kinkos)


Don't want to print yourself?  Let me print and ship them right to you!  I print on lightweight 67lb Cardstock so they are easy to fold, yet sturdy enough to stand up to a party!  They will be cut to size and shipped to you.  They will be 7x3, but fold into a 7x1.5, a perfect fit for a zip lock bag.


How do these work?  How do I get both designs?

These are a double sided design.  You will see both design when you fold it in half (one design on each side).

All you need to do is:

1.) Fill your goodie bags with whatever you want!  (Zip Lock bags work very well!)

2.) Pinch your bags shut

3.) Fold your Treat Bag Tags in half

4.) Place your folded Treat Bag Tags over the top of the bag (each design should be visable from either the front or back)

5.) Staple closed.  I like to use 2 staples, one on the right bottom and one on the left bottom, to hold them securely in place.


Once you have done this, place half of your bags facing forward and the other half facing backwards and you will have a nice desplay of goodie bags with 2 different designs!

Questions and Answers

Can you change the colors?

Yes!  I can change the colors of the background, text, clothing and most images.


Can you match my child's hair and eye color?

Yes!  All hair and eye color can be changed to fit your needs.


I'm printing on Cardstock, can you send me a file with several on a page?

Yes!  The final file will be an 8.5x11 sheet for easy printing.   You can easily print at home or an office supply store.  

Why didn't you send my proof on an 8.5x11?

I don't make the final file until you approve the design.  The final file will be an 8.5x11 for easy printing, but all of the proofs will be a small file with only the image of the Treat Bag Tag shown.

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