Berry Cute Invitations, Thank You's and More!
Berry Cute Invitations, Thank You's and More!

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Our Party Pennant Banners measure 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall, unless otherwise stated.  They make a great decoration to fill in an empty space!  You will receive your files via email and will be able to print as many as you want!  


Each peice will be on it's own 8.5x11 sheet for easy printing.  All you need to do is print, cut, string together and hang!

Here's How it Works!

All you need to do:

  • Pick out the design you like best!
  • Fill in your Child's Name & Message (if different than "Happy Birthday")
  • Recieve your files via email and print as many as you need!  (or have me print them for you)

Here's the info you should send:

  1. Name (as you want it to appear on the banner)
  2. Message (if different than "Happy Birthday"
  3. Email Address - where you want this sent



The Banner will be sent to you in the way it appears in the listing!  If you would like to customize the design please purchase the custom banner or printed banner.

Printing and Assembly

When you purchase a digital Pennant Banner you receive all the letters that you need to spell out "HAPPY - BIRTHDAY -(name)", with 3 pennants with just images to put inbetween the words.  Each file will be an 8.5x11 sheet for easy printing, and contain 1 pennant peice.  You can print as many banners as you want!


Please make sure you use the attachments to print (not the images in the body of the email, they are just thumbnails).


But how do I print?

You actually have two easy options:

1.) Print at Home - I recommend printing on heavy cardstock

2.) Print at your local Office Supply Store (like Staples or Kinkos) 


How do I assemble?

1.) Print the pieces out.  Remember, some letters are used more than once, so some will need to be printed mulitlple times.

2.) Cut them out.  The pennants are triangles and will need to be cut down to size.

3.) Punch small holes in the upper corners of the triangle

4.) String together.  You can use yarn, string, or ribbon to string these together.  I like to use ribbon, but you can use whatever you want.   Also, they usually look best if you try to keep the string in back of the main part of the pennant.


Don't want to print yourself?  Let me print and ship them right to you!  We print on heavy 110lb Cardstock so they are thick and hold up well.  They will be cut to size.  All you need to do is assemble.

Questions and Answers

Can you change the colors/design?

No, color changes and design changes are not included with my premade banners.  If you would like something changed in the design you will need to purchase a custom banner or a printed banner.


Can you change the images on the banner?

Yes!  The images on the banners can be changed to fit your needs.  


Can you match my child's hair and eye color?

Yes!  All hair and eye color can be changed to fit your needs.


How do I know how large my banner is going to be after printing?

These are 6 inches wide, so a good judge is to figure out how many banner pieces you will be printing, then cut that number in half.  This gives you how many feet wide your banner will be (because 2 six inch banners fit in 1 foot).


I don't know if my room is big enough.  What should I do?

Remember, you do not have to string all the words together in one big long string!  You can string 1 or 2 words together and but the rest below.  For example: put 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'  on the top, with the name on the bottom.

Or, you can always print them a little smaller.  (see below)


What if I need my banner pieces to be a different size?

You can easily change the size!  When you go to print, just change the print percentage.  If you would like them to be a little smaller, lower the percentage.  If you want them to be larger, increase the print percentage.  When doing this, you should run tests until you find the size the works best for you.  Then print all the pieces.


I'm printing at home, can you send me a file with several on a page?

No, because of the size of each banner peice only one pennant fits on an 8.5x11 page. 


I bought a custom design, why didn't you send my proof on an 8.5x11?

I don't send the proofs on 8.5x11 files because they are just for you to look over, not print.  Once you approve the design I will send the final files.  The final files will be 8.5x11 for easy printing, but all of the proofs will be a smaller file.


I bought a custom design, but the proofs you sent didn't have all the pieces.

When creating a new or custom banner, I do not create all of the pieces for every proof because all I'm working on is the basic banner piece.  All pieces have the same base, the only things that change between pieces is the middle part (either the letter or image).  Once you approve the design I will send all of the pieces.



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